Tuesday, June 05, 2007

SLA 2007 - Google

Now that I've had some rest (not enough, surely), and I have a little time before my conference day begins, I can do my post on Google at SLA.

Honestly, I'm a little disappointed. Google's presence here is remarkably minimal. They don't have much information at their booth, just some tips for using some of their latest products. I think that Google, a first-time exhibitor at SLA, is trying to get synchronized with the librarian community, feeling us out while we do the same to them. This results in lots of really basic material being presented. We got to hear about Custom Search Engine, which I will put into practice on the URI GSLIS site when I get home. The rest, the tips and tricks, Book Search, Patent Search and News Archive, were presented as an overview only. I was more curious about new programs, things that have yet to launch, but Google won't speak to any of these things (as an aside, yesterday afternoon they just launched a new Trends feature in Google Reader, which gives you stats on what you've read, from whom, and what you did with those posts).

When discussing Book Search, I asked if they kept the Subject Headings from records of the books they digitized. Rather than a yes or no, the young lady said they kept everything in the libraries original records. Presumably this includes Subject Headings.

As noted in an SLA Blog post, no, Google does not have a library. ::jeer:: But they do have fortune cookies, which are quiet delicious.

  • Blue: Blueberry - "Tip: use the search box like a calculator What to type: 4+7, 30% of 55, 20^2 or 13cm in feet What you'll get: the answer"
  • Red: Strawberry - "Tip: exclude results you don't want What to type: bass -fishing What you'll get: results for bass the musical instrument, not the fish"
  • Yellow: Lemon - "Tip: get the weather forecast instantly on your cell phone Send 'weather 90210' to 446453 (Google) What you'll get: the weather forecast for 90210"
  • Green: Mint - same tip as Blue

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