Saturday, June 02, 2007

Arrival in Denver

After a lot of flying and bus riding, I made it to the hotel in Denver. Nice place. The 16th St. Mall has lots of interesting shops, and free public wifi, which I'll get into in just a moment.

I've been craving a free internet connection since PVD, so that I can configure my laptop to make my time here at the conference easier. Here's what I need to do:
  1. Upgrade Firefox to 2.0.x
  2. Install the necessary extensions
    • FireFTP (to access my server)
    • Twitbin (to keep on a Twitterin')
    • Zotero (an absolutely amazing bibliographic management tool. I could rant. I might later).
  3. Configure my quick bookmarks bar:
    • Conference Wiki
    • All my Google apps, like Gmail, Reader and Blogger
    • Homepage for my Digital Libraries class (I did some reading summaries on the plane)
  4. Make iGoogle my homepage (so I can get a quick snapshot of what's going on)
I'd have done this upon arrival to the hotel, but my computer doesn't seem to have a working Ethernet port anymore. And wifi doesn't get up to my floor. So, here I sit in one of the bars on the street level, typing away, wishing I could be doing it at a desk in my room. This laptop is wicked heavy! Oh, well, we do what we must. It's not like I won't be otherwise incredibly busy starting tomorrow.

Oh, and since I was bumped to a different hotel because of construction, my credit card payment information has been lost in the struggle. This means a $700 hold on my debit card until we can get things squared away financially. I know SLA Boston will make everything work out alright, but I am moving right after I get home, and there is still that pesky lease to sign....

And as an aside, who should be riding the same bus as me to the same hotel, but Tony Stankus! This harkens back to last year, when I thought, "Gee, I wish I'd run into Tony", and BAM! there he walked by. With any luck we can get together for a drink or a meal, but we're both running around like crazy this year. At least I got to see him.

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