Saturday, October 21, 2006

More web design experience

The department has finally gotten ahold of the new URI web template (not yet complete, but close enough), so we can at last begin uploading information. I have some doubts about the site going live by the end of the semester, but that certainly won't stop me from trying my best to get the coding up and running.

I have also signed up for a course from the ACRL on how to design academic library websites. Am I crazy? Don't I have enough on my plate right now? Perhaps so, but this course fits so well with what I want to know how to do, I couldn't pass it up. Many points that were initially brought until in LSC 508 are being reiterated here; I do need to pick a better font and colour scheme for my personal site. See previous postings for those plans.

It also looks like I'm going to be able to do my Professional Field Experience (PFE) with the Rhode Island chapter of SLA, reworking their website. Their needs, so far, don't seem to be terribly complex, so I'm not sure I can make a 3 credit course out of it, but I'll know more about that after we do a user-needs assessment. I think a blog or wiki could provide some valuable functionality, if the chapter members want it.

Factor in my current database course, and website plans (as a LSC 593), and I should have some solid online information systems experience by the time I graduate.