Monday, June 04, 2007

SLA 2007 - Day 2 (Monday)

Man, am I beat! I got a late start today, but still, I spent so much time running from event to event this afternoon, evening and night, I'm about ready to ZZZZ out right here in the hotel lobby. I will attempt to blog first.

INFO-EXPO (Round 2)
I took a second spin around the expo floor, gathered some more swag, talked to some more vendors (got a few ideas and resources for the thesis), got my passport stamped, ran into someone I met last year at the Newbies meeting, and picked up an invite to the Thompson party.

Google Presents Tales, Tips and Tricks for Librarians
As I write this section, I realize that its just too huge an information dump for me to handle writing tonight, in a single post. I will defer this until later. Until then, you can read Emma Wood's post on the SLA Blog.

Tour of Flying Dog brewery
As I discovered in my CE class on Sunday, Flying Dog brewery offers tours at 4PM on weekdays. This directly conflicted with the SLA presentation Science of Beer, but I think I made a good choice; still tons of beer information, as well as some on the whiskey company next door, and samples for all! I went with Jeannie Bail, the Library Director at Allen & Company LLC, who was in my wikis course. I got to try two Belgian whites, a Barley Wine, and some fine Colorado whiskey. Despite the long walk and being a little late, it was definitely a great time!

Oh, and Flying Dog does have its own Beer Library.

Its neighbour, Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey, has this lovely, custom made copper still. Just had to take a photo.

Thompson Party, SLA Boston dinner and IT Division Science Fiction Writers night
All of these were done in whirlwind succession. The Thompson party was at the Natural History Museum, so I got to eat absolutely delicious food while surrounded by wildlife dioramas. I had to leave very, very quickly to get to the SLA Boston dinner, which left from the Hyatt and went to Tamayo on 14th and Lawrence. Good food, good company. After that, I walked over to the IT Divisions event event. I tried to put in as best a presence as I could, but I was so tired, I had to call it a night.

That essentially brings us to now. Overall, I seem to be losing a lot of things today: my pedometer (got it replaced, and I've almost made up the 6 miles on the old one), my hotel room key (must have dropped it taking out my wallet somewhere...), and my internet connection (I'm just not having tech luck this trip). Hopefully I won't be losing sleep tonight; another long day tomorrow, as well as doing that delayed Google post.

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