Friday, September 28, 2007

The Death and... Death show (part 2)

As I began to detail in a previous post, several of my computers have suffered hardware failure. Since that post, even more machines have broken. Here is the list of my woes:
  1. my old laptop: despite replacing the RAM, memory problems persist. I've spoken with colleagues, and they say it might be the RAM connector ports (which I cannot fix).
  2. Larkin: Still down with (I assume) motherboard failure. I can fix this, but I need to confirm the problem and buy the part.
  3. Berman: Not dead by any stretch, but the built-in iSight has given out for no apparent reason. Under warranty, but I can't afford to lose the use of this system right now.
  4. the SquareOne: No longer lets computers on the local network connect to the Internet. Tech support says this, too, is hardware failure. Its under warranty, and they can either replace it now, or upgrade it to the Generation 2 in a few weeks (at a discount). I'm thinking I'll go for the Gen 2... I could use the WiFi and extra processing power.
  5. My work computer: In an attempt to increase the RAM and a second harddrive, my work system has lost almost all its usefulness; no more office, or Creative Suite, or any other program I installed. I've seen more computer guts lately than I care to recall. I can't even put a Kubuntu install on the thing... good thing most of my work can be done with online or open-source programs.
  6. Pearl: My Windows system is still holding on strong, but I think the Javascript engine is corrupted. I can't get various webpages that use .js to display properly (regardless of which browser I use). Not a well-documented problem.
I had even lost the use of the modem for a time (Comcast turned off our Internet by mistake; took 3 days to fix). This led me to believe perhaps this apartment had some kind of static field or techno-poltergeist or something. But with the repair of the modem and the problems at work, I think it might just be me.

More as it develops.