Monday, April 23, 2007

Addressing the lack of recent updates...

This semester, like most of them, is ridiculously busy. Hence, I haven't updated this blog on what's going on in my professional development in quite a while. I don't have much time right now to do so, but I'll outline a list of things for me to address, and hopefully once the semester ends, I can start filling out the details.
  • The GSLIS website is almost ready to go live; just need to do a few more adjustments, and get faculty approval.
  • I've been handed the Webmaster-ship of the Rhode Island chapter of SLA.
  • My CSC 305 course in Software Engineering has proven to be a bit of a revolution in my way of thinking about website projects.
  • My CSC 536 course in XML databases has started to produce fruit (namely, viable XQueries on the initial version of my household catalogue).
  • I got the new Square One Personal Internet Server, from Quad Microworks, for my birthday, and will soon be hosting my own website.
  • I'm going to SLA Annual in Denver, and Boston Chapter of SLA is financing it (I won their annual travel stipend!)
  • My thesis topic has pretty much settled itself: the organization of music, at the song level, using XML, Native XML databases, and user-generated content.
  • I've been having visions of a new method to use in library school to not only teach students the core material and the latest technologies, but to also develop a powerful resource for the professional community. The feasibility is not all that high right now, but if I laid out the details clearly... just maybe...
There is undoubted more than that, but I'll try to catch up on those things first. Only one week of classes left (until summer starts, that is).