Thursday, July 19, 2007

Website Redesigned!

At long last, I've had the opportunity to redesign my website. The chance came with my enrollment in LSC 597: Digital Libraries. The primary feature of this new site, aside from its new address, is that it is a database-driven dynamic site, rather than flat HTML. I'm hosting it myself, on the SquareOne. You are encouraged to check it out.

The Photos section is currently up and running, though you have to be a local (i.e. in my apartment) user to see the full sized images. This will change when I build the user login system.

Keep in mind that advanced search and Documents searching is as yet unimplemented. The collection is small enough right now that that's not too big a deal. When the collection grows, so too will advanced searching.

There is a lot of other stuff on the list to do; I know there are several broken links, and the CSS I'm using is horribly boring. One of the nice features that will come with the user login is the ability to choose amongst several CSS, and have the system remember your choice (without those pesky cookies!). Again, coming soon.

I welcome comments and feedback.

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