Friday, July 14, 2006

CSC 212 and Website development plans

I've been working my way through my Data Structures and Abstractions class, re-acquainting myself with Java and programming. Combine that with working as a Graduate Assistant in GSLIS, and I don't have too much time to make updates to the webpage. This is especially frustrating since I just took all those great courses at SLA 2006. So, just to get it straight in my mind what I want to do, I create this plan:

1. Keep updating the schoolwork section with worthwhile applets and essays.

2. Get my own domain name.

3. Integrate RSS feeds, including the new one for updates to the site.

4. Upload my gallery content to the new domain. Also update my intro picture.

5. Move this blog and the update feed to my domain.

6. Create something in Flash to help learn the ins and outs of Flash 8.

7. Redesign the website, using the principles I learned in my Wireframing course. I will keep the architecture, but the visuals will be upgraded. There will be subplans in this section:
  • Have the corner graphic automatically rotate between various kanji each time you visit
  • Use div sections to make changing navigation less of a pain
  • Stop using the rotating orbs, and put in more custom GIFs/Flash.
  • Integrate Flash and Javascript to make a CSS-rotation interface, allowing users to pick from 3 different styles (I get complaints about the green on black, but I don't want to abandon it entirely). This means I pretty much have to make the page visually three different times, but keep all the names of tags consistent. Could be tricky...
  • If I ever create that Dr. Who CCG computer game, I will find a way to integrate it into site, so my friends can come and play me online (this might not happen, but I'd like it to).
If I can get as far as number 5 by the end of the year, I'll be doing well. I mean, if I'm busy now, think how bad it'll be with 3 times the creditload, and twice the work hours!


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